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If dreams of opening a restaurant have filled your thoughts for years, it might be time to open your own business. Choose the stainless steel material for preparation food.
Most Hawker require stainless steel tea stall for prepare the beverage.

Tea Table 60" with Sink

Tea Stall 60"

Tea Stall 60" with Sink

Many chicken rice restaurant use certain types of chicken stall preparation equipment to hasten the process.

Chicken Rice Stall 2 Tier

Chicken Rice Stall 1 Tier

Here we had different type and size of cooking preparation equipments such as roti canai, burger and mee goreng counter.

72" Roti Canai Counter

60" Roti Canai Counter

60" Mee Goreng Stall

Many Hawker use certain types of stall preparation equipment to hasten the preparation process.

60" Mee Stall

48" Mee Stall

42" Mee Stall

In addition, you may need cabinets to preparing foods, such as slicing a vegetable, meats and other.

84" Cabinet

72" Cabinet

60" Cabinet

You will need to determine the basic equipment you need based on the type of restaurant you own.

Street Stall

Street Beverage Stall

Burger Street Stall whithout Cover

Many restaurants use certain types of self-service equipment to hasten the ordering process. For example, fast food restaurants use food Warmer.

7' Electric Bain Marie

7' Electric Bain Marie with Display

6' Electric Bain Marie

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